28 January 2011

Hopeful Sentences

There is some chance that 2011 will be the new 1989.
 Not that I can remember 1989, but it does kind of feel like it. Here's to freedom from bad government. 


Ranil Dissanayake said...

It's quite depressing how few people I've spoken to actually know what is going on in Egypt and Tunisia. This isn't like 1989 - 1989 was a wave of regime change that was central to the next decade of world history. These, however important they are for the countries they are in, will not be. I was 8 in 1989 and can remember watching the Wall come down on TV.

It reminds me a little of 2000 - when the Bulldozer Revolution was going on, I barely met a single person in my college who had any idea Serbia's students were getting rid of Milosevic. I was studying history (and economics) at one of the most famous schools for that subject in England at the time. It was depressing.

Lee said...

It certainly looks like a wave of protest - Jordan, Yemen, Northern Sudan, and if it resulted in a few changes of regime it certainly could be pretty central to world history.

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