09 March 2011

David Cameron reads RovingBandit.com

Last April I wrote:
David Cameron has recently proposed a new non-military and optional national service scheme for British youth. That’s £5000 each. How about giving them all a £5000 flight voucher instead, and creating an international service scheme?
Today DFID announced this:
Young adults from across the country and from all walks of life will be given the chance to make a real difference in the poorest parts of the world – by volunteering overseas 
Prime Minister David Cameron and Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell have officially opened International Citizen Service (ICS) for applications.
Dave, you're welcome. And I've got plenty more where that came from. Give me a bell if you need some fresh ideas.


Matt said...

Is this really what we need? More volunteers???

Lee said...

Why is everyone so down on volunteers? Its not about the wall they build - its about influencing young minds, creating a global awareness, and building a constituency for global development.

Unknown said...

What has anyone in poor countries done for British youth lately? http://j.mp/eKBNuR

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