18 March 2011

In Praise of Podcasts

I never really got into podcasts, mainly because just looking at iTunes makes me want to bludgeon my face with a rock.

Until I recently discovered the Stitcher app which automatically and quickly downloads audio to your phone. It is a joy.

I subscribe to:
  • BBC World Service Africa Today
  • Development Drums
  • CGD’s wonkcast
  • Freakonomics
  • The Guardian Football Weekly
  • BBC Radio 4 More or Less
  • EconTalk
  • NPR
The Center for Global Development’s “wonkcast” is especially good; it is weekly, it’s not too long, and Lawrence MacDonald is a great host.

The last two episodes with Lant Pritchett and Andy Sumner are fantastic.


Unknown said...

Not that you are soliciting opinions, but I heart NPR's Planet Money. It is my gym podcast of choice. If your NPR category doesn't capture this one, it should.

Lee said...

ugh typo, that's exactly what I was thinking of. Is there actually anything else worth listening to on NPR? (that is a genuine question and not the snark it sounds like)

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