21 March 2011

More Reasons to Ditch Labour

A new group has emerged in the party – called Blue Labour – which thinks it has an answer, and Miliband is listening. Blue Labour, whose best known backer is Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas, proposes an unusual mix of "flag, faith and family" social conservatism and economic interventionism, an odd marriage of the Mail and The Guardian.
From the independent. It also appears that I am an absolute caricature of a middle-class liberal;
Broadly speaking, middle-class liberals place most stress on individual rights and cultural openness. They are highly mobile and pro-diversity and pro-immigration. They are softish on criminals and green on the environment. They are comfortable with globalisation and benefit from it both economically and culturally. At the more extreme end they are universalists, who feel no greater obligation to someone in Birmingham than to someone in Burundi. 
Working-class communitarians, by contrast, have a more collectivist view of rights, and place great stress on community membership. They worry about welfare free-riding, they value the familiar and the local, and are sceptical about mobility and mass immigration. They are draconian on crime and not very green. They are uncomfortable with globalisation, and tend not to benefit from it economically or culturally. At the more extreme end, they shade into racists.
[Blue Labour] thinks Labour is dominated by Fabian elitists, like Gordon Brown, who are contemptuous of the party's working-class base. "Blue Labour has an affection and an understanding of the concerns of working-class people. I don't think that New Labour really liked working-class people
Well probably not the racists.

Here's to Londonism!


Lorgy said...

To be fair, you knew that before, surely? Who else but a middle class liberal would believe in free immigration?

By the way, don't forget to get a postal/proxy vote for the referendum :-)

Ranil Dissanayake said...

ugh. What a silly bunch of caricatures.

btw, I'm quite happy to ditch Labour, but hold the Lib Dem's in contempt pretty much given how they've completely backtracked on virtually everything they promised even when agreeing to the coalition, and I'm certainly not a Tory. So who's left? Socialist Workers? Green Party?

Lee said...

How about a Dave Miliband coup at the Lib Dems?

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