05 April 2011

The Latest in Email Scams


Hope you are doing well I am away in London on a business trip, unfortunately for me I was robbed overnight,even my mobile phone was stolen.I have access to only emails. Please can you send me £3000(GBP)British pounds. As soon as I get back I would refund it immediately. Please all I need you to do is to go to any Western Union outlet and send me the money before the bank here closes. Below are my details for the western union transfer.

Name: Nachaya Mosona
Address/location: 30 commercial way,se15 5jq,london england

As soon as its sent, send me a copy of the money transfer receipt or just write out the money transfer control number(MTCN) and the full senders name.
Would be waiting.
best regards


Anonymous said...

Been doing the rounds for quite a while now.

Lee said...

Far more convincing than the Nigerian Prince. The first one I got actually had me going for a minute because I knew the sender's email address.

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