11 May 2011

New Sudan Bombing Data

Sudan researcher Eric Reeves has painstakingly compiled a downloadable spreadsheet of 1,414 referenced bombing incidents by the Khartoum government in Sudan since 1993. From the report:
This report grows out of my belief that the almost complete anonymity and invisibility of Sudanese civilian victims of targeted aerial military assaults is morally intolerable. So, too, are such attacks on humanitarian aid workers and operations, including hospitals and feeding centers.  There have been many casualties among relief personnel. For more than twelve years, these assaults have been standard counter-insurgency strategy on the part of the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum.  As I argue and as the facts demonstrate, such a strategy—obscenely destructive in its consequences—has no historical precedent anywhere in the world. It would be presumptuous to dedicate such a document to so many thousands of victims; it must stand simply in memoriam. ER – May 2011
via John Ashworth

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