14 June 2011

Capacity Building and Soccer

via Alan Hudson - Matt Andrews has a new blog.

Matt is the author of my favorite capacity-building as soccer metaphor, which crudely paraphrased goes something like this:

Much development capacity-building is a bit like sending Arsene Wenger to work with Accrington Stanley. A bottom league team with part-time players needs help with the basics - like making sure the players get to the game on time and maintain a basic level of fitness and organization. Bringing in the nutritionist, sports psychologist, and sophisticated data analysis used by the likes of Arsenal is kind of not really always appropriate.

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Alan Hudson said...

as a long disgruntled Arsenal fan I am sorely tempted to extend the Arsene Wenger analogy while at the same time having a go at much of what passes for "capacity development" ... But, I won't spoil Matt's rendition.

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