14 June 2011

How Sierra Leone provided Free Health Care

On April 27, 2010, Sierra Leone started free health care for pregnant women, new mothers, and young children. John Donnelly takes an in-depth look at how the war-torn nation managed it.
There is even a brief cameo by Juba's finest payroll consultants;
A consultant from Booz & Company did an extensive analysis of the ministry's payroll of more than 7000 workers, which included all employees, even those who worked in remote health posts throughout the country. The analysis found more than 850 phantom workers, who were mostly retirees still receiving their salaries, however paltry. Those people were removed from the payroll, allowing the ministry to add 1000 new workers.
Stirring stuff - well worth reading the rest in full at the Lancet (although that Booz consultant does describe this as the "Hollyoaks version" of the story).

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