24 June 2011

The Price of Peace for Southern Sudan

is $20-25 per barrel of oil transported, paid to Khartoum in oil pipeline fees, according to some back of an envelope calculations by Greg Snyders (or 30% of the value of Southern oil). Given that the North presently gets 50% of Southern oil, about half of that again would seem like a reasonable and easy to understand number to go for.

I have very little new to say about Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile. I continue to be an optimist about the prospect for peace between the North and the South, but just despair for those unfortunate enough to have opposed Bashir in the North. A no-fly zone seems to be totally off the table, which I think is a shame.

New rule - when indicted war criminals continue to flagrantly murder citizens within their own borders, they lose all of their military airforce privileges.

If you can bear the horror here is an anonymous eyewitness account of what is going on sent via Rebecca Hamilton. 

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