03 July 2011

Definitely the best diary of a Spanish freelance journalist in Juba right now

For those of us who came to Africa looking for otherness and new things to discover and explore (again: that whole ‘changing the world bullshit’ is, well, bullshit), Juba is still a good place, compared for example to the boring normality of Nairobi or (a bit less) Kampala. Juba still has exotic things, is very poor and underdeveloped, there’s no much tarmac and you feel you’re risking your life just by not wearing a helmet and being driven around by 13-year-old crazy boda (mototaxi) drivers who may be high on some shit. In fact, we journalists in Africa like to feel we are risking our lives but we don’t like to actually risk our lives. We just want to have stories to tell other journalist and to tell normal, boring people back home.
Very funny throughout

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