19 August 2011

Google Plus

So what to make of this thing huh?

I am sympathetic to Chris' concerns;
"am I seriously supposed to post separate and new content on yet another platform?"
Whilst Google Plus might be better than either Facebook or Twitter, I think there is probably a risk of technological lock-in and path dependence  (like the qwerty keyboard) due to the network externalities (econo-jargon!). Or in English, whilst you might make the switch, can you really guarantee that all of your Facebook and Twitter friends are going to switch too? And if you aren't sure, then is it worth doing in the first place? Its no fun being the first person at the party.

Ultimately these things aren't really all that predictable. I certainly thought blogging and twitter were stupid when I first heard about them. Twitter took on a life of its own, with much of the functionality being driven by users rather than the creators. When I first started getting Facebook invites they seemed pretty indistinguishable from Bebo and MySpace. Jumo totally flopped, and Google too has had plenty of flops.

But seeing as its Google, its probably worth a low-investment punt. You can follow me here, if only to help keep me ahead of Matt. For more cool development kids see here


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