27 August 2011

Putting my money where my mouth is

I just made a donation to Give Directly. Given how much I have ranted about how great I think cash transfers are, it would be kind of rude not to.

I know it is very undignified and un-British of me to boast, but I believe in the power of social proof, and so I am going to do it anyway on the off chance that just one more person might be guilted into thinking about their own giving.

Besides all of that, I wanted to share this wonderful thank you message:
We will transfer your donation electronically to an impoverished household in Kenya. Your choice will give them choices: to pay school fees, buy food, get medical help, or repair their home, among others. 
Your donation is also a vote for a new vision of philanthropy - a vision that puts recipients in the driver's seat. Help us share that vision with your friends and family. Talk with them about what philanthropy could become and, if they're intrigued, send them our way. We'll be working to create the most efficient, transparent, and respectful way to give.

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