03 September 2011

The New Capital of South Sudan

Is apparently going to be at Ramciel, which will be renamed "John Garang City."

Report trickling out of Juba has it that the council of ministers, today, have officially approved the relocation of the present capital city of the Republic of South Sudan from Juba to Ramciel (say Rham-chieel). 
In another interesting twist to this breaking news, Ramciel itself has been officially renamed as John Garang in honor of the SPLM/A founding leader and the current tentative founding father of the state of South Sudan.

via Paanluel Wël, probably the best actual South Sudanese blogger.

And from the Sudan Tribune:
Ramciel or Ramkiel, which is few hundreds of kilometers away from Juba, is geographically at the center of South Sudan and is almost no man’s land ...

Marial said the process of planning, surveying and putting in place the infrastructures needed may take three to five years to complete.
I can't even find the place on a map. Good luck to the 2016-17 ODI fellows then. 

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