06 September 2011

"You've gotta prioritise"

Some more governance advice from TB on Development Drums:

"I always say to the leaders that I interact with, if you show me a priority list with 50 things I promise you, you will do nothing. If you show me a list with 5 things, you can do it. And you've got to decide which of those things are really important." (at 19 minutes)

Which leads me to the new priorities for government and donors in South Sudan made by a coalition of NGOs;
  1. Continue support for humanitarian needs;
  2. Seek to prevent conflict;
  3. Support community and civil society participation;
  4. Ensure equitable development across the country;
  5. Prioritize vulnerable populations;
  6. Promote sustainable livelihoods;
  7. Strengthen government capacity;
  8. Enable an appropriate transition to government authorities;
  9. Provide timely and predictable funding;
  10. Engage in multi-sectoral integrated programming.
Easy peasy. 

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