18 October 2011

Evil Aid-Cutting genius

Now if only there were a way of convincing those liberals that aid is bad. You would want to think of some clever way in which foreign aid is totally at odds with fundamental liberal values.
The British government says it will cut aid to African countries that persecute LGBT people.
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell revealed the UK has already cut funding to Malawi by £19 million after two gay men were sentenced to 14 years in prison last May reports the Daily Mail.
"We only provide aid directly to governments when we are satisfied that they share our commitments to reduce poverty and respect human rights."
What say you now Liberal! Should we feed the starving if they are homophobic!? Mmmmm, thats right liberal, squirm, mmm let me taste your discomfort....

[Bit rich coming from a government intent on repealing the Human Rights Act though right?]

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