03 January 2012


There are 37 half-written drafts, ideas, and links sitting in my blogger account. Can I publish them all in the next hour?


Dave Algoso said...

Do it.

By the way, that makes me feel a lot better about my own backlog. I've only got 15 piled up.

Ben Byerly said...

I spent a long time last night getting my Google Reader down to three. I wake up this morning and go, What happened?! Talk about a hamster wheel. Thanks a lot for demotivating me. ;-). 

Great stuff.

Aurora Lee said...

Aha, that explains it. Google Reader posts in reverse chronological order
so it took about 20-odd posts to see where this publishing bout came
from. I enjoyed the lot, very nice work.

rovingbandit said...


rovingbandit said...


rovingbandit said...

yeah! (only 10 left)

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