03 January 2012

How to be slightly happier

This one is a bit embarrassing. About a month ago, I started keeping a gratitude journal. 

"After spending some time immersing myself in this self-help business, I reached a fork-in-the-road moment: I realised I was going to have to choose between rejecting certain ideas because they sounded so corny, or accepting them because they work. Gratitude journals are at the extreme end of the cheesiness continuum, but the studies are hard to refute."
Burkeman writes one of my favourite columns; this column will change your life,  which is about the self-help business, but in a very dry, sceptical, English kind of way, with a healthy appetite for rigorous evidence.

The evidence won me over, so I gave it a try, and I'm pretty sure it works. Of course, not that you should pay any attention to my 1 data point anecdote with zero counterfactual when you have actual peer-reviewed studies to go on, but anyway. 

Take a minute every day to think about something you are grateful for. I send myself a daily email reminder as I'm a little bit allergic to actual paper (with ohlife.com), and normally reply with just one word or sentence. And no, you can't read mine.

(Is this my least cool post ever?)

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Tom Murphy said...

Not one bit, you convinced me to try it out.

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