15 January 2012


I've spent most of this week wandering around Korogocho, Nairobi's third or fourth biggest slum (against recent FCO advice against "all but essential travel to low income areas of Nairobi, including all township or slum areas" - worth a few dangerzone street-cred points?). 

Korogocho is probably a bit poorer and a bit more dangerous than Kibera so I was advised against taking a camera, but it looks pretty similar to Duncan's photos of Kibera from this week. In fairness, someone did have a phone snatched literally opposite where we were sitting, and there was a stabbing on the same street a few nights ago. A local medical centre reported stabbings as the #1 source of admissions, followed by malaria and typhoid. 

I did sneak one photo from the safety of the NGO building we were based in. Remember those "amazing" sunlight powered water-bottle lights innovated for slums in Philippines that were all over the development blogs a few months ago? Rubbish. Everywhere in Korogocho just fits a square of transparent corrugated plastic into the corrugated iron roof. Much better. 

Lots of other interesting moments, but for now;

Best t-shirt slogan: “No Handouts, Just Empower me.”

Best blog on the neighbouring Kariobangi light industrial cluster where many Korogocho residents work.

What you can do to help: apparently uneaten plane meals from Kenyan Airways get dumped at the enormous dandora dumpsite adjacent to Korogocho, and end up in the market (including things like quite expensive Out of Africa brand Macadamia nuts). So the moral of the story: next time you fly Kenya airways, don't eat your plane meal and donate it to a poor slum dweller!

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