16 March 2012

Mud huts and hummers

V: Hows juba?? Changed beyond recognition?! 
Me: Meh. Lotsa new roads and buildings but fundamentally the same! 
V: Fundamentally still a collection of mud huts and hummers?
Which pretty much sums it up. Perhaps the most impressive part for me was being able to buy a visa on arrival. But it was very nice to visit. The whole carry-on-as-if-there-was-no-oil-shutdown-thing felt a bit like the cartoon Wile E. Coyote going over the edge of a cliff but not quite realising it or starting to fall yet. Perhaps a reason for optimism that there is something going on that we all don't know about, and there will in fact be a deal? Inshallah. Also, hopefully we'll be allowed to share the note from my trip at some point.


Matt said...

You could argue that the Wile E. Coyote approach is just a really, really optimistic attempt at consumption smoothing. 

rovingbandit said...

Yeah, probably just rational forward-looking dynamic optimisation. 

Jo said...

Eventually they'll run out of unique colour schemes to paint their Hummers and two people will have to endure the shame of having the same colour 4x4 in Juba!  I like the A-Team paint-job Hummer the best :D

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