26 April 2012

Bombing "regrettable but inevitable"

ODI held an interesting event today with several Sudanese officials in Khartoum, which I managed to follow a bit of on twitter. 

Dr Mutrif Siddiq, a former Humanitarian Affairs Minister in the Khartoum government stated that bombing of civilians had been "regrettable but inevitable" and taken place during war. Which is interesting when there has been bombing of civilians for over a decade, and that the method of bombing is almost be definition illegal according to international humanitarian law because it is so inaccurate, and so unable to have any kind of targeting on military forces rather than civilians.

And for a bit of light relief, we heard that "Sudan is one of the few countries that is recording progress in development," (awkwardly timed to coincide with recent IMF estimates for a 7.3% reduction in GDP in 2012) and that "no one has been forced to accept a governor, etc from the center" (apart from in, ahem, Blue Nile, where the democratically elected governor was kicked out for being a bit too dark skinned).

The Orwellian double-speak from the Khartoum regime is incredible.

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