15 April 2012

Shameless self-promotion

More from the UK Parliament International Development Committee report on DFID support to South Sudan:
DFID also helps to fund the secondment of ODI Fellows to key ministries such as the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning—which is generally regarded to be one of the better ministries in Juba. It was clear that the ministers we spoke to highly valued this technical expertise.


A Hewitt said...

I trust the need to diversify revenues from the crude petroleum sector BEFORE cutting off production of (and going to war about) the latter  was proffered as advice to this ministry (even if it wasn't taken by the government as a whole, or the SPLM).
We even put questions to 2012 (and previous) candidates for Fellowships about Dutch Disease and whether they believe the natural resource "curse" is an inevitability. Economic policy really is in substantially the hands of governments, you know, in resource-dependent economies, which is why I still believe we are right to stick with supporting central ministries like MoFED.
Aside from the Select Committee, I hope visiting aid/trade Minister Steve Webb sees the point (and for DFID-SS) when he arrives, but it needs to sink in at presidency and vice-presidency level too. I would hate South Sudan after securing its freedom to end up like Eritrea.

kelsey said...

they failed to mention that the 'ministers' in question were transport and housing. hehehe. i crack me up. kidding, of course! way to go technical expertise!!

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