14 April 2012

Street kids in Sierra Leone

A fascinating new report from Sierra Leone of a census of street children (via the Guardian): . Some headline results:
  • In total there are just under 50,000 kids living and working on the streets in Sierra Leone.
  • About half live in Freetown and half in other towns.
  • There is a roughly even gender split with slightly more boys than girls.
  • These kids make up around 5% of the urban population.
  • 4,388 children under 6 years old were counted.
  • 2,699 children were found sleeping rough.
  • 1,821 under-age girls were recorded as working in the commercial sex industry.
  • 633 disabled children were counted.

I would have loved to have seen a slightly more detailed age breakdown, and more detail on the types of economic activities these kids are doing. I’m a lot more worried about 8 year olds washing cars and polishing shoes than 17 year olds selling mobile phone credit. 

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