15 April 2012

Why UNMIS failed

Not gonna lie, I opened this because I thought it was about social protection (cash transfers), but hey, a nice summary of what went wrong with the UN mission in South Sudan, based on fieldwork in Jonglei by Simon Harragin.
Opinions on UNMIS, on the rare occasions when local people expressed them, were often based on things heard on the radio or on seeing UNMIS convoys passing by in the distance. People noted that UNMIS acted in an ‘observer’ capacity without actively engaging with the problems they faced on a daily basis (particularly insecurity) ...
local people’s expectations that armed peacekeepers would defend them during periods of insecurity were not met. Time and again the presence of peacekeepers has been shown to be mainly symbolic ...

One of the biggest failures of UNMIS was that soldiers did not leave their bases in the State Headquarters to set up permanent bases in the Counties

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