09 May 2012

African-ish Music Break

I started putting together a list a few months ago for Ryan and Michael, tidied it up last week for Andrea, and am now posting it here as a bookmark for me. Given that Ian kicked out the label "world music", now we just need to figure out what to call it. Note to OPM IT, I obviously wouldn't dream of streaming music in the office. Note to everyone else, I am definitely in the market for more stuff like this. Suggestions please!
Blitz the Ambassador - Native Sun - Full Album Stream - Ghanian Hip-Life Hip-Hop 
M.anifest - Suffer - Ghanaian in America - This song is infectious 
The Fokn Bois - Fokn Wit Ewe - Full Album Stream - Crazy crazy awesomeness 
Afrikan boy - Free Mixtape Download - Nigerian rapper in London 
Baloji - Independence Cha-Cha - Rapping over 1960s Congo independence anthem 
Nneka and J. Period - The Madness - Free Mixtape Album Download 
Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew - Kings of Salone: The DJ Gravy Mixtape - The track "Bondo Kallay" is awesome 
Dub Colossus - A town called Addis - Ethiopian Dub. What more do I need to say? 
Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best - Malawian singer Esau mixed with Vampire Weekend, MIA, and Michael Jackson 
Antibalas - The Afrobeat band that played the Fela! musical on broadway 
Gummy Soul - Fela Soul - A Fela Kuti / De La Soul mashup (I'm not sure this one is really better than the sum of its parts, but definitely interesting nonetheless) 
Chiddy Bang - Several free mixtapes here - Not a ton of Africana - but Chidera is technically Nigerian, so... 
Chief Boima - Love in this African Club - I'm a sucker for cheesy R&B remixes 
Sanchez - I believe I can fly - R Kelly. The reggae version. Yes. 
And to keep an eye on the new stuff....
Africa is a Country - The best blog on Africa and the media
African Hip Hop - Does exactly what it says on the tin 
Nomadic Wax - Global Hip-hop blog
Okay Africa - An initiative of the Roots - Enough said


gringo_locodc said...

Oh man.  This post makes me so happy. You hit some of my favorite stuff - I'm a huge fan of Nomadic Wax.  I LOVE Blitz and the Gummy Soul album.

check out: 
http://g-doxception.bandcamp.com/album/a-tribute-to-fela-kuti-felatastic You can download Blitz's stuff here:

rovingbandit said...

Nice! Thanks!

gringo_locodc said...

This is Africa has some great music too (as well as cultural and social commentary): 

gringo_locodc said...

And Akwaaba Music: 

(I'll probably just keep posting as I think of stuff! :)

rovingbandit said...

Keep it coming.

This is awesome: http://www.africanhiphop.com/musicvideos/kenyan-female-emcee-xtatic-launches-prep-track-video/

gringo_locodc said...

That's a great track! I like her!

Are you into other hip-hop too? I could recommend some other hip-hop from around the world (particularly Latin American)

rovingbandit said...

yeah, mostly the likes of Tribe, de la, mosdef, roots, common, kanye, jayz, etc etc etc, haven't heard much Latin American.....

rovingbandit said...

The Tumi mixtape above is *awesome*.

Andrew said...

Not sure where in the world you are, but just tune into Channel O. It'll play all the latest African Hip-Hop and much more besides. Other channels to check out: Trace (French & English), Sound City (Naija), EATV (UG/TZ/K). All give a fairer representation of popular African music. Inevitably there's a fair bias for the sort of African music/musicians that are online.

Online, try:
http://www.getmziki.com/ - for mainly Kenyan/TZ tracks - Genge, Bongo Flava etc.

Other than that, youtube!

rovingbandit said...

Cool thanks. I'm mostly in England so no Channel O. Any particular favourite artists?

warren said...

Don't forget MC Kappa out of Angola

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