18 June 2012

The Khartoum regime is the obstacle to peace in Sudan

International observers often underestimate the extent to which the Islamist military regime in Khartoum is the single most important obstacle to peace in and between the two Sudans. South Sudanese (and the people from Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Abyei, eastern Sudan, Nubia in the far north, and indeed ordinary citizens all over Sudan) know the nature of the regime with which they are dealing, which is why they are circumspect about negotiations and steadfast in their military resistance. To point at weaknesses, failures and even abuses by any or all of these parties misses the point that they all feel they are locked in a life or death struggle with a ruthless, sophisticated, patient and very clever adversary (an adversary, incidentally, which can and does run rings around most western politicians, diplomats and analysts).
--John Ashworth

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