23 June 2012

Sudan Links

Or rather, John Asworth's Sudan links:

1. An important statement from the UN recognising that the basis for demarcating the border is the 1956 border, not the current de facto border that Khartoum has been pushing as a basis for negotiation.

2. "Has the AU become a pawn in the hands of the Khartoum regime?" A question apparently on the lips of many South Sudanese.

3. An excellent open letter from South Sudanese to Salva Kiir on corruption. Really well written. Members of the international community concerned about corruption might want to start here.

4. The Budget Speech. Including details on financing plans. Of a total SSP 6.4 billion budget, 10% is expected to come from domestic non-oil revenues, 15% from reserves, 15% from domestic borrowing, and the remaining 60% from yet to be negotiated international loans and oil/mineral concessions. So, er, good luck with that (and let's really hope that Khartoum will be pressured into making a fair deal on oil soon).

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