19 December 2012

The NRA and "now is not the time"

"We think it is poor form for a politician or a special interest group to try to push a legislative agenda on the back of any tragedy."
-- NRA, after 2008 Northern Illinois shootings 
"Now is not the time to debate politics or discuss policy."
-- NRA, after 2009 Binghampton massacre 
"At this time, anything other than prayers for the victims and their families would be inappropriate."
-- NRA, after 2011 shooting spree that wounded Gabrielle Giffords 
"There will be an appropriate time down the road to engage in political and policy discussions."
-- NRA, after 2012 Aurora massacre 
"NRA will not have any comment."
-- NRA, after 2012 Newtown massacre
From Doonesbury 

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