29 January 2013

"We hate ourselves, we'll probably hate you too"

I'm supposed to be coming back to Britain in about a month. But the British government and the Guardian are doing their best to discourage me.


Meanwhile, it's sunny every day in Kigali. Rents are roughly a third of London - £250 a month including bills, a full-time guard, and a part-time cleaner who does all of the dishes and the laundry. Beers cost £1 each in most bars, tennis lessons cost £5 an hour, and there are outdoor swimming pools all over. It's clean and safe and there is no crime and no malaria and no traffic and there are business opportunities everywhere. And I played my first moto polo game (NYT, Youtube) this weekend, which I can confirm, as if you had any doubt, is insanely fun. Can everyone please just come join me over here instead?

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