12 December 2013

Development as.... development?

When I told people at my secondary school I was going to university to do "Development Studies" the girls thought it was really sweet that I was interested in child development. To which I kind of thought (but probably failed to very well articulate) "fuck off, I'm going to study the development of whole countries and economies with factories and industry and epic social transformation and all that, not little kids or whatever."

Funny how this path somehow led me to the latest international development focus on early child development goddamnit


Calum said...

Had the same problem when I tried to get out of neuroscience: no I'm not interested in neural development and whatever that is.


Petunia said...

Yup, same here. I deliberately chose not to major in econ in undergrad because I didn't like such a specific way of describing the world. Now even though I am an epidemiologist I'm currently working on a cost-effectiveness analysis. Sigh.

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