13 February 2014

If you are buying flowers for tomorrow, buy them from Kenya

The Mirror has an exposé looking at the shocking conditions of workers on Kenyan flower farms - some earning just £30 a month. 

What they fail to point out is that absolutely the best thing you can do for global welfare is to buy your flowers from Africa rather than Europe. Even if flower-pickers are on a low wage, it's a better wage than their alternative, your spending stimulates the Kenyan economy, and it is even good for the environment (flights from sunny places on the Equator pollute less than all the electric lights you need to grow flowers in cloudy Europe).

Yes be shocked at wage rates in Kenya. But then the best thing you can do to fix that is to do more business with Kenya and spend more money on Kenyan products. Happy Valentine's Day. 


Samantha said...

Do you have a reference for an assessment of environmental impact? I'm always trying to claim this in arguments, but don't actually have any evidence!

rovingbandit said...

"research published by Cranfield University in December 2006 showed that carbon emissions from Kenyan flowers, including air freight, were nearly*six times lower* than for Dutch flowers. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that Kenya has optimal growing conditions and a ready supply of natural heat and light, while growers in Holland rely on significant inputs of gas and electricity."


Jenna said...

Strange! I never thought of it. As I generally order online from http://postalflowers.ie/valentine-s-day.html and don't know may be they buy from Europe or Kenya. I too heard that African's has very low wages and that's why people look for them and try to get business there. This will definitely going to help economically and will get flowers in cheaper rates.

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