08 May 2014

DevBalls - Exposing the absurdities of the aid industry

Someone at DFID seems to have had enough.
"DevBalls is an online space for comment on the international development aid industry. 
DevBalls is here because the aid industry has – functionally and morally – lost its way. And those who should hold it to account - the media, researchers, politicians - don’t. DevBalls is here because aid can only become better when its absurdities and hypocrisies are open to view. 
DevBalls is compiled by a group of aid professionals who control its content. We welcome relevant contributions sent to DevBalls1@gmail.com. Anonymity is guaranteed."

The blogosphere has been pretty light on cyncial scorn since the demise of Bill Easterly's AidWatch, so DevBalls looks like one to watch. Won't be comfortable reading for DFID or ODI or ASI.


Devavvocate said...

For similarly interesting content on some of the FAO/UN food agencies in rome 'devballs' check the Italian Insider http://www.italianinsider.it/

rovingbandit said...

Thanks - shame a lot of it seems to be subscribers only!

Devavvocate said...

Hi bandit, the subscription is 5 euros (3 pounds) per year so I guess affordable to most people.
Also please check this article on FAO's director general in rome: http://www.italianinsider.it/?q=node/2211 (open to non-subscribers )

Mar One said...

This was great to read thank you.

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