How to give to charity

I realised that by donating a large part of my future income to the most efficient charities, I really could save thousands of people’s lives. Since I already have most of the things I really value in life, I thought — why not?” — Toby Ord (Founder of Giving What We Can)
Toby, and the members of Giving What We Can, are braver than I am. They commit to giving at least 10% of their income to charity. But I thoroughly admire that courage. I am going for something more modest - just 1%, which if I'm honest I will not even notice. I guess I can just about survive without that iPad (update: I bought the iPad and I can still easily afford more than 2% right now).

It was actually this video from these kids at Rutgers which pushed me over the edge (Boris, you rock):

I am a total aid skeptic, but I really believe that the balance of evidence suggests that you really can save a life if you choose well.

For more moral guilt-tripping resources, see:

Giving What We Can

Peter Singer's The Life You Can Save

And for the best places to give, I am a fan of 

IPA's Proven Impact Fund for the careful attention to evidence,

Givewell, for more attention to evidence,

and Give Directly, for yet more attention to evidence, and also for just sending money to poor people.

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