09 May 2012

African-ish Music Break

I started putting together a list a few months ago for Ryan and Michael, tidied it up last week for Andrea, and am now posting it here as a bookmark for me. Given that Ian kicked out the label "world music", now we just need to figure out what to call it. Note to OPM IT, I obviously wouldn't dream of streaming music in the office. Note to everyone else, I am definitely in the market for more stuff like this. Suggestions please!
Blitz the Ambassador - Native Sun - Full Album Stream - Ghanian Hip-Life Hip-Hop 
M.anifest - Suffer - Ghanaian in America - This song is infectious 
The Fokn Bois - Fokn Wit Ewe - Full Album Stream - Crazy crazy awesomeness 
Afrikan boy - Free Mixtape Download - Nigerian rapper in London 
Baloji - Independence Cha-Cha - Rapping over 1960s Congo independence anthem 
Nneka and J. Period - The Madness - Free Mixtape Album Download 
Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew - Kings of Salone: The DJ Gravy Mixtape - The track "Bondo Kallay" is awesome 
Dub Colossus - A town called Addis - Ethiopian Dub. What more do I need to say? 
Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best - Malawian singer Esau mixed with Vampire Weekend, MIA, and Michael Jackson 
Antibalas - The Afrobeat band that played the Fela! musical on broadway 
Gummy Soul - Fela Soul - A Fela Kuti / De La Soul mashup (I'm not sure this one is really better than the sum of its parts, but definitely interesting nonetheless) 
Chiddy Bang - Several free mixtapes here - Not a ton of Africana - but Chidera is technically Nigerian, so... 
Chief Boima - Love in this African Club - I'm a sucker for cheesy R&B remixes 
Sanchez - I believe I can fly - R Kelly. The reggae version. Yes. 
And to keep an eye on the new stuff....
Africa is a Country - The best blog on Africa and the media
African Hip Hop - Does exactly what it says on the tin 
Nomadic Wax - Global Hip-hop blog
Okay Africa - An initiative of the Roots - Enough said


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