21 July 2009

Ministry of Careful Planning and Organisation

I've been laughing at international organisations a bit over the last week so I think it might be the government's turn. A Presidential Advisor very sadly passed away yesterday. To commemorate his passing, the Ministry of Public Service decided that today and tomorrow will be public holidays. Chaos and hilarity ensues, as half of the office decides that this is ridiculous and carry on with work/chatting, whilst the other half decided to go home. OK so it's not that chaotic or hilarious, but finalising the government's plan for next year's budget this week just got a little more challenging.

Update: I'm now told that the advisor is an excuse, and that the holiday is really so everyone can go home and pray for the "right" outcome from the Abyei arbitration tomorrow. And the office is steadily emptying out.

Update Update: Completely coincidentally there was a big SPLM rally on wednesday.

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